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Farmrail System, Inc. is an employee-owned holding company for two Class III common-carrier railroads comprising "Western Oklahoma’s Regional Railroad."   Farmrail Corporation (FMRC) has acted since 1981 as a lessee-operator for Oklahoma Department of Transportation, managing an 82-mile east-west line between Weatherford and Erick. An additional 89 miles, Westhom-Elmer, was purchased from the state in 2013 after 20 years of operation under lease.  Another wholly owned affiliate, Grainbelt Corporation (GNBC), was formed in 1987 to purchase from Burlington Northern Railroad Company 178 miles of line linking Enid and Frederick. The parent company also has a joint-venture interest in New York’s Finger Lakes Railway Corp. (FGLK).

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January 2021 

Plains Cotton Cooperative Association has announced plans for expansion of its Altus facility to originate unit trains for BNSF delivery to Asian markets via West Coast export terminals. A new 55-car track is being constructed for loading of containerized cotton from the existing warehouse complex. Plant switching and assembly of intermodal trains hauling 220 oceangoing containers will be performed by locally based Farmrail crews.

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Valet Parking

Farmrail has benign Southwestern storage locations for up to 3000 railcars, from singles to unit trains. Interchange is off BNSF’s Avard-Sub at Enid, Oklahoma.

For information regarding car storage possibilities with Farmrail, please contact heatherharding@farmrail.com.

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