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Farmrail System, Inc. is an employee-owned holding company for two Class III common-carrier railroads comprising "Western Oklahoma’s Regional Railroad."

Farmrail Corporation (FMRC) has acted since 1981 as a lessee-operator for Oklahoma Department of Transportation, managing an 82-mile east-west line between Weatherford and Erick. An additional 89 miles, Westhom-Elmer, was purchased from the state in 2013 after 20 years of operation under lease. Another wholly owned affiliate, Grainbelt Corporation (GNBC), was formed in 1987 to purchase from Burlington Northern Railroad Company 178 miles of line linking Enid and Frederick. The parent company also has a joint-venture interest in New York’s Finger Lakes Railway Corp. (FGLK).






Freight Services
High Service Standards

Farmrail provides scheduled and as-needed freight service over 347 main-line miles to 29 communities in 12 rural Oklahoma counties. The territory includes some of the nation's prime production of hard red winter wheat, its highest-quality gypsum deposits, and one of its largest energy reserves, the Anadarko Basin. Several of America's best-known corporations, cooperative and independent grain elevators, and other firms meeting various farming, oilfield and consumer needs are among more than 60 rail-served locations. The principal commodities handled by Farmrail are frac sand, drilling fluids, winter wheat, feed ingredients, crushed stone, gypsum products, agricultural chemicals, cotton seed, and farm machinery. Farmrail is easy to use. Telephone calls are answered "live" by a knowledgeable, willing person who can provide accurate information quickly. Motivated employee-owners interact as a team to give uncommon value to customers and have earned a reputation for user-friendly service. The people make the difference at Farmrail.


Railcar Storage

Farmrail has benign Southwestern storage locations for up to 1400 railcars, from singles to unit trains. Interchange is off BNSF’s Avard-Sub line at Enid, Oklahoma. Contact Devin Martin at (580) 323-1234 for more information.





Industrial Development
Center Of The Circle

There's a lot to be said for the "Center of the Circle" in a business-friendly environment. Farmrail's service territory includes 12 states within a 500-mile radius and 11 metropolitan areas within 300 miles. Western Oklahoma offers regional manufacturers and distributors the benefits of small-town lifestyle, low cost of living, a strong work ethic, and excellent rail and highway access to surrounding urban centers with a combined population of more than 9,000,000 persons. Farmrail's dedication to high service standards gives rail users confidence to invest in on-line facilities. Company officials work with state agencies and community leaders to attract industry, adding 15 customers over the past five years.






Latest News
February 2022

Planted cotton acreage in our territory, now about 500,000 acres, is likely to reach 800,000 over the next two years. Harvested product is gathered at Altus from 28 regional gins for export to Asian markets. To handle anticipated growth, rail-served local storage capacity is being expanded to 600,000 bales, and another customer plans a 65,000-ton seed house, both as part of a comprehensive community improvement project.

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